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Peace Corps Related Links
... still the toughest job you'll ever love, but don't take our word for it
... the nationwide alumni association for RPCVs
... an online bulletin of employment & educational opportunities for returned Peace Corps Volunteers
... the only magazine bringing the events and people of less-developed places to U.S. readers
... a quarterly newsletter distributed to all Peace Corps Volunteers in the field
... an independent news forum serving Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
... RPCV websites listed by country of service and American city/region
... a graduate school fellowship program that offers financial assistance to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
... integrating a master's degree with Peace Corps service in a variety of fields at 80+ academic institutions nationwide
... a booklet that examines how to get undergraduate or graduate college credit for your Peace Corps service
... links RPCVs with teachers in the U.S. seeking a classroom cross-cultural experience
... an innovative program using Peace Corps Volunteer experiences as a basis for expanding knowledge of other cultures
Peace Corps Response (formerly Crisis Corps)
... mobilizes RPCVs to help countries address critical needs on a short term basis
Peace Corps Library
... the largest collection of Peace Corps related stories in the world with over 30,000 index entries in 500 categories 
Peace Corps Digital Library
... a searchable collection of select electronic Peace Corps materials from 1961 to now
Peace Corps Writers
... promotes the publications of Peace Corps Volunteers
Minority Peace Corps Association
... provides support and assistance to returned and active Peace Corps volunteers and applicants of color
Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
... promotes Peace Corps ideals and legal/political/social rights of gays, lesbians & bisexuals around the world
Global Teach Net
... promotes student knowledge and understanding of the people, cultures and nations of the world
Peace Corps Kids World
... join "Pal Traveler" as she explores the globe and learns about making a difference
On the Homefront
... a resource for families & friends of Peace Corps Volunteers, with everything from what it's like to serve overseas to tips on keeping in touch with Volunteers
RSS Feeds
... for sharing and distributing web content, such as news headlines and upcoming events; using an RSS reader, you can view data feeds from various sources, such as
Non-Peace Corps links that may be of interest to RPCVs...
U.S. Department of State Career Resources / Foreign Service
... discover how you might fit in at the U.S. Department of State; take a look at which career path is right for you.
United Nations Volunteers
... the UN organization that contributes to peace and development through volunteerism worldwide


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